Women Grievance Redressal Cell

As guaranteed under Articles 14 and 15 of the constitution of India, sexual harassment is considered as a violation of the fundamental rights of a women to equality and her right to life and to live with dignity, as per Article 21 of the constitution and right to practice any profession or to carry on any occupation, trade or business which includes a right to safe environment free from sexual harassment.

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 received assent by the President on 22nd April 2013 aim to provide an environment which is free from sexual harassment and a methodical redressal forum for the victim.

Complying with the directives of the Supreme Court of India, the Honorable mentor, Assam Women's University, Jorhat has constituted a Women's Cell on 1st November2014 to uphold the dignity of women at work place. The Women's Cell functions as a body that investigates and recommends action on all acts of harassment against any individual. The University shall endeavor to provide safe environment for staff and students, free from gender discrimination and sexual harassment of all forms. The University shall make its staff and students aware about the proper conduct to be followed at the campus and the penal action for its implications. All complaints will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action will be taken promptly as per the guidelines.

Women's Empowerment Cell

The Assam Women's University has established a Women's Empowerment Cell on November 2014 with an objective to develop society by empowering women. Women's empowerment is very much essential for a developed society. Empowerment means individuals acquiring the power to think and act freely, exercises choice and fulfill their potential as full and equal members of society.

The cell aims to create awareness among women about their legal right in the perspective of women's issues and problems. It also provides a platform for women to share their experience and views regarding their rights and duties, status in the society and to suggest ways to improve and empower themselves. Aiming at intellectual and social upliftment of the students, the cell stands for facilitating Women's Empowerment through guest lectures, seminars, awareness programmes and other welfare activities for the rural women.